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Read about the advantages of dental discount plans or reduced fee plans --for a small annual fee, you can get substantial discounts off dentists' regular fees!

Dental Discount Plans

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Offers instant enrollment in a variety of "Reduced Fee Plans." By paying a small annual enrollment fee, you will receive deep discounts off dentists' regular fees. Just $99/year for an individual -- only $139 for a family!

Instant Dental Coverage with Huge Savings!

Some people think that dental discount plans (or "reduced fee plans") and dental insurance are the same thing; however, that is not correct.

Dental discount plans are based on a special agreement with participating dental care providers (like dentists), to provide their services to plan members at a (sometimes very substantial) discount.

Unlike most dental insurance plans, reduced fee plans often even give you a discounted rate for dental care associated with "pre-existing conditions", although orthodontic treatment in progress is typically excluded. (NOTE: Always check the terms and conditions of each specific plan to see what is and isn't covered!)


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